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Quizzies fun fun, and expirementing with cut

Would you rather be an African elephant or an Asian elephant? Why?:Asian elephnat..Cause I said so
Would you rather freeze to death or burn alive? Why?:Not sure
Name three movies you like:ummm
Name three books you like:ummm
Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? Which one(s)? Why?:yea but I was emssedy upedy kid when I was 10 so we won't go into detais
Republican, Democrat or other? Why?:don't know
Attendance percentage at high school dances?:sad part is...about 80%
What television shows do you watch regularly?:none
Abortion is...:okay in my opinion due to the some peoples reasons for it
The death penalty is...:depends
How do you take your coffee?:no, ick
How do you take your tea?:sometimes
Who's your favorite teacher/professor?:don't know
How do you feel about your parents?:That'd be parent, okay I guess
What sort of music do you listen to?:just about everything
List five or ten bands you listen to.:umm
Do you use public transportation?:I don't know
Ever told someone you love him/her?:yea
Morning person, night person or both?:night person, unless its early early morning
Siblings?:one that I do not know
What are your friends like?:odd
Amusement parks are?:funishness
Cafeterias are?:interesting
Dogs are?:dunno
Any phobias, traumas or other weirdnesses?:too many to list

The Personality Resume brought to you by BZOINK!

Age::14, almost 15
Height::ranges from 5'2" to 5'4"
Hair Color::Brown that changes shades with bits of bleached blonde and white
Eye Color::dark brown
School Life
What's your school's mascot?:a maverick..stupid lawsuits
School color(s)?:maroonish red and white
G.P.A.?:ranges my cumlative for this year was a 2.9...but my semister was a 3.5. It's all because of Geometry
Who is your favorite teacher?:I don't know
What do they teach?:see above
Is this your favorite class?:see above
Do you use any instant messengers?:yes
If so, which ones?:msn, aim, yahoo
About how many hours a day do you spend online?:I don't, ranges..depends on what I have going on that day
Do you have a digital camera?:yea
If so, do you post pictures of yourself online?:yea
Do you play any instruments?:yea
If so, what one(s)?:clairnet, used to play piano.
3 Favorite Genres Of Music::thats too hard...
3 Favorite Bands::umm..
Do you go to concerts and/or shows?:not really
What is the most you've ever spent on a concert/show?:I don;t know
What is the least you've ever spent?:see above
Do you think buying merch at a concert then wearing it there is corny?:I don't know
Do you listen to any bands that you'd be ashamed to admit to listening to?:I don't know
Did you notice the grammatical error in question 29?:which one is 29? XD
Word Association
Live Journal::heh
Do you think labels are dumb?:yea
Why or why not?:cause its stupid. I mean who in their right mind would want to be put into a catagory that the people in that catagory are not even close to like them(can't fit it all in here
What do people label you as?:goth
How/Why did you get this label?:how I dress
Which Is Worse?
Physical Pain/Emotional Pain?:not sure..
Blink-182/Good Charlotte?:good charlotte
Being Deaf/Being Blind?:being blind
Being Bored/Rushing around because you have too much to do?:not sure
Losing your dominant leg/Losing your dominant arm?:not sure
Do you believe theres a difference between "love" and "in love"?:yea
Is it better to have loved and lossed than to have never loved at all?:yea
Are you romantic?:yea
Are you in a relationship now?:why do all of you people ask these questonys!
If so, for how long?:See above
If not, how long have you been single?:oh god thats a good question....
Are you a virgin?:yea
What song describes your love life right now?:I don't know
War: Good or Bad?:bad I guess
What do you think of designer labels?:stupid?
Who's skankier: Britney Spears or Paris Hilton?:thats uber hard...Paris Hilton I guss
What is it with guys and cars?:not all guys are obsessed with cars...
Do you sing?:yea
If so, what part (Soprano 1,Alto 2, et cetera)?:not sure, depends if I change my accents on things.
Kiss or hug?:both
What color is your room?:blue
How old is your mom?:I don't know, 40 something...
Black and white or color photos?:both
Who cuts your hair?:the book keeper at my dads office
What color is your toothbrush?:white
What color is your hair brush?:redish
What kind of hair products do you use?:none
Is K-Mart just the poor man's Wal-Mart?:sure
Are you sXe?:people say so...
Are you sexy?:people say so...
What color to people tells you looks nice on you?:I don't know, some have said white, some have said black, people say different things
What color do you think looks nice on you?:I don't know
Clothes shopping or grocery shopping?:clothes shopping, more unique things then grocery shopping
Who do you sit with at lunch?
Do you like the sound of your own voice when you hear it played back?:I guess
Who has the nicest speaking voice that you know?:I don't know
What is the website for one of your favorite bands?:umm
Do you prefer to date people younger, older, or the same age as you?:older
Do you listen to songs on repeat often?:yea
Who was the last person you hung out with?:singely, Baka
What did you and that person do?:our usual stuff, oh wow..I think it was when we went to the movies and Zach was late
Do you use internet shorthand (i.e. "lol", "brb", "jk", et cetera)?:pccasionally
How often do you bathe?:often
Are you a people-pleaser?:sure
Do you dye your hair regularly?:I bleache it often
What about your eyebrows?:don't dye them but I wax them often
Do you wear makeup?:no
If you answered "yes", to #96, are you female?:yea I am though I anwsered no
Do you buy CDs edited or unedited?:unedited
Can you beatbox?:sure..
Does your mom like the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast?:I don't know

100 Questions For Your Answering Pleasure! brought to you by BZOINK!

[x] Part 1 -- The Basics [x]
What's your name? :::Bernadette
Birthplace :::Some hospital in detroit I think
Age :::14, soon to be 15
Age you act :::ummm, ranges
Current location :::Highland, Michigan
Eye color :::Dark brown
Hair color :::brown that changes shades, with bleached blonde and white streaks
Right, lefty or ambidextrous? :::right
Zodiac sign? :::cancer
Height? :::ranges 5'4" to 5'2"
[x] Part 2 -- Describe... [x]
Your heritage/nationality :::unknown to be honest, well majority of it is unknown. Part greek we know though
Your hair :::about an inch above shoulder length, wavyish, brown, currently a light color, white chuncks from first bleach, blonde from second bleach
Your fears :::spiders, heights, losing those close to me, pain, needles, other things
Your perfect room :::I don't know
What you practically do in a day :::sit infront of the computer, sleep
[x] Part 3 -- What is/are... [x]
Words you overuse :::uber, rape, like, so, anyways, hence
Phrases you overuse :::"So...Wanna rape me?" Not sure on the rest. XD
Your first thought when you wake up :::sleep...
Your greatest accomplishment :::not sure
Something you want to do :::not sure
[x] Part 4 -- This or that [x]
Pepsi or Coke :::coke
McDonald's or Burger Kings :::not sure
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera :::neither
Chocolate or vanilla :::chocolate
Adidas or Nike :::not sure
Black or white :::both
Bills or Coins ((Think $$$)) :::bills
Burgers or hot dogs :::not sure
Egypt or France :::not sure
Rock or rap :::rock
[x] Part 5 -- Do you...[x]
Smoke :::no
Cuss :::yes
Sing well :::depends
Sing in the shower :::not really
Talk to yourself --a lot-- :::sometimes
Believe in yourself :::sometimes
Like taking these longass surveys? :::sometimes
Play an instrument :::yes
Want to go to college? :::yes
Want to get married? :::not sure
Want to have children? :::not sure
Think you're a health freak? :::sometimes
Get along with your parents :::yea
Get along with your siblings? :::not sure
Think you're popular :::not really
[x] Part 6 -- In the past month have you..[x]
Gone out of state :::no, but will soon
Drank alchohal :::no
Smoke :::no
Get high :::maybe
Done any drugs :::no
Eaten an entire box of oreos :::no
Been on stage :::no
Gone skinny dipping :::no
Been dumped :::no
Dyed your hair :::yes
Stolen anything :::no
[x] Part 7 -- Your friends! =D [x]
Craziest :::all of them
Loudest :::not sure
Most shy :::not sure
Blondest :::Me (Yes I count)
Smartest :::me or Zach
Kindest :::not sure
Best personality :::not sure
Most talented :::not sure
Best singer :::not sure
Most ghetto :::none of them that I know of
Drama Queen ((or King XP)) :::dunno
Pain in the ass :::dunno
The one you just want to strangle to death ((Homer Simpson style)):::not sure
Funniest :::not sure
Best person for advice :::Baka
Dependable :::Baka
Trustworthy :::Baka
Druggie :::Me (though I don't do any, just seem like I do)
Most likely to end up in jail :::not sure...Me probably
Person you've known the longest :::Not sure, heh
[x] Part 8 -- The Last... [x]
Last dream :::don't remeber it well
Last nightmare :::see above
Car ride :::the other day
Last time you cried :::the other day
Last movie seen :::don't remeber
Last movie rented :::don't remeber
Last book read :::well completed and including manga, Real Bout Highschool vol. 4. Not completed Kare Kano vol.7
Last word said :::completed
Last curse word said :::shit..probably
Last time you laugh :::yesterday I think
Last phone call :::Baka
Last CD played :::not sure
Last song you listened to :::Midi- H.O.T- Wedding Christmas
Last annoyance :::not sure
Last IM :::umm...Probably K-T
Last weird encounter :::whats that supposed to mean?
Last person you hugged :::not sure
Last person you yelled at :::not sure
Last time you wore a skirt :::the day I was to take my SSAT but I was told to take it off
Last time you've been evil :::umm...not sure
Sarcastic? :::umm...probably not long ago
Last time you fought with your parents :::not sure
Last time you wished upon a star :::not sure
Played Truth or Dare :::not sure
Spent quality time alone :::last night I guess
[x] Part 9 -- I swear this is the last one! -- Randomness [x]
Are you talking to someone on AIM :::no
Do you feel lonely :::yea
Ever TP'd someone's house :::no..almost though
How about egging someone's house :::no..almost though
Do you not like dislike not like me? :::I don't know
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine? :::sure why not?
Yo Momma :::riiight
Ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the person next to you? :::yes
What do you think of George Bush? :::ebil
Any secret fetishes? :::maybeh..
Do you like to wear chains? O_o :::yea...One of my favorite necklaces is a bunch of chains afterall XD
How many languages do you speak? :::3
Damn.. are your fingers tired? Cause mine sure are! :::nopes
Glad this is over? ((Say yes and I'll stalk you =P)) :::yes, only cause I want to be stalked!

Bored? ((Over 100 questions)) brought to you by BZOINK!
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