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Whee? Most likely not...

So today actually was pretty decent only because I was understanding Algebra 2 and Physics (which are my hardest two subjects). I should start my Physics homework soon but I'm being lazy. I fell asleep a couple of times in IRM just because I was unable to sleep last night since I've been so paranoid, I was almost over it but then Seminar reading brought it back up. So I'mma have to see if they'll let me sleep in the common area tonight.

Just finished up taking notes on Chapter three of Moby Dick. Still have to read and do notes for chapter four but It's not due till Thursday so my laziness kicks in now on it.

I haven't even come close to memorizing my lines for the group skit (laziness but I highly doubt you three have either).

I want my dvds to come in....But my dad probably just ordered them today.

So I'm getting

BoogiePop Phantom Complete Series
Fushigi Yuugi (spelling is probably messed but I'm tired so screw it) box 1
Saber Marionette J ultimate Complete collection (I'm almost certain it's either all of J and J to X or J and J Again)
Lolita (60s version)
Lolita (90s version)

Baka (my best friend from back home) sent me an IM at about 7:30 and she was complaining how I haven't called her since I've gotten back to school. I apologized saying that with being sick and busy since then I've been able to. Then she told me she had hoped that I had had a good time back home and that she hopes we can be friends again. Which really confused me. Murr...I just don't know.

I still am a bit depressed on my rejection but not as badly as that I couldn't even look at him without coming close to crying. I guess I'll just have to wait...

Well I'mma go work on Physics now, how fun.
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