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I'm too curious for my own good...

Post anonymously, and say anything.

How much you hate me, how much you love me, how much you can't stand me, how much you want to have sex with me, how much more you want to spend time with me, how much you want to kill me. It can be whatever the fuck you what, and you can be brutally honest.

(Credit goes to Sheila/Mara who I stole it from)
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April 25 2005, 01:35:04 UTC 12 years ago

I wish you would talk more about how you feel. I'm confused a lot about what goes on in your head. I also wish you would get healthier so i can spend more time with you. I think it's kind of a little too obvious who i am but I'll be anonymous anyway.
you need to do your phsyical therapy (no matter what!) and eat more. Don't tell me about you stomach shrinking, you know i know what its like... You also need to spend less time on achaea. No point in making this anonymous, you'd know who i am anywayz. i love you and you rock still though!
No anonymity since I can't keep my mouth shut anyway...I think you complain too much sometimes, and that you take yourself too seriously. Having been your roommate once upon a time, I can say that you shower too late at night, let your alarm clock go off forever, and leave pennies, fish rocks, and varied other unpleasant substances down your sink drain. You get pissed off really easily, and I don't usually know why, and that makes me uncomfortable. You can be really bitchy, but I love you anyway, despite all your flaws, and that's what counts. Yay swedish fish.
Hey Berne (thats what Im gonna call you, cuz as u know, i cant spell your name right if my life depended on it...)! This is Corey, and for all yous that dont know me, Im this kid from Michigan. And about Berne...ummm, lets see, you were pretty cool from what I remember, you stayed real late at that one bonfire thing I had, you were scary with a spork, and uh, you played clarinet! YAY BAND! And you better still play it, or I'll set Ishboo on you.... SO, yeah, hope you can come visit us again soon, that would be sweeeeeeet! I gotta go! Hello to all your Cheeseheads (you do live in Wisconsin, right??? *shifts uncomfortably*). Um, so yeah. Bye.


August 5 2007, 04:58:31 UTC 10 years ago

You're pretty. :v